A basic essentials kit for a woman in shelter

A woman who enters a domestic abuse shelter will receive a kit of basic essentials (toiletries, female hygienic products, toothbrush and toothpaste, makeup and hair brushes).

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A women’s domestic abuse shelter is meant for women who cannot remain in their homes for fear of physical and mental partner abuse. Throughout Israel, there are shelters that take in and care for such women and their children, providing them with physical and emotional security and safety, support, social services, counseling, and legal representation. 

This “Smile” project, in partnership with the Ministry of Welfare, is meant to assist women in the areas of Ramle/Lod by providing kits of basic hygiene essentials. Most times, these women arrive at the shelter with no personal belongings or luggage and Smile aims to care for the basic needs of every woman.

Essentials kits for women in shelters

Price is required and should be more then 0₪

Basic needs kit for a woman in a shelter


Basic needs and hygiene kit for a woman in a shelter