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In our consumer societies, more and more people no longer want to either give or receive useless gifts, because they see them as a total waste. 

In our consumer societies, more and more people have unfulfilled basic needs such as food, care, protection, etc. 

What if – instead of unwanted presents – people could give or receive meaningful gifts, gifts that would benefit people in need? 

At Smile, we believe in gifts that contribute to making Israel a better place.

That’s why we partner with scores of charities to allow people to give gifts that delight them, the receiver and above all, the person in need.

A deeper look on the SMILE gift

So, what is a SMILE gift exactly? First of all, it is a donation that positively impacts a social cause in Israël. Each gift is created in partnership with a charity or social organisation and for each gift, we know exactly the impact it will have. We offer a wide range of causes, so that everyone can find something that affects them most.

How to make a Smile gift? To make a Smile gift, you just have to choose a cause that affects you and identify the gift according to your budget, then prepare a nice greeting card and finally send it to a loved one. You can also offer a Magic gift to let the recipient choose the cause of his gift.

Why give a SMILE gift? To give a Smile gift to our beloved ones is to give them something very precious, to make them feel the joy of having participated in an act of solidarity. And we think that nothing tops that feeling! A Smile gift is a thoughtful, meaningful and impactful present that will far exceed the value of a meaningless material gift.

When to give a Smile gift? Well, anytime! For a birthday, a show of gratitude or simply to wish good luck, a SMILE gift is always a great way to make any occasion special and unforgettable.

With Smile, the SMILE effect is tripled: The giver is happy to have chosen to make a meaningful gift, the recipient of the gift feels the joy of having been involved in such an important act of solidarity, and finally, the association receiving the donation will be obviously grateful to get help in its fight for social improvement and do good.


How it all began…

It all started in 2020, just before the covid pandemic outbreak, when 3 close friends came up with a bold idea to combine their energy in order to help small charitable organisations increase their reach. Let us introduce ourselves: we are Yaël, Daphné and Yaël (and yes there are 2 Yaëls  in our group!). Yaël is a physiotherapist, she always was immersed in the non-profit sector. Daphné comes from the world of finance, and she is passionate about social causes. As for our second Yaël, she is an entrepreneur for whom helping others is a second calling. All three of us have observed a major inconsistency in the Israeli non-profit world. On one side, we encountered amazing organisations with urgent funding needs. While on the other, we knew people who wanted to contribute to important charitable causes but somehow refrained from taking action. We quickly understood what was holding them back: they wanted to know precisely HOW their donations would be used and WHAT beneficial impact they would have. Datas that most NGOs can’t provide for either a lack of resources or time. 

This is how the SMILE association was born, whose initial mission was to prepare specific projects to raise donations for other non-profit organisations. And yes it worked! In only 3 days, we had gathered enough donations to buy 250 radiators for holocaust survivors, in 4 hours we raised donations to fund 120 portable chargers for soldiers and in a week we were able to fund 660 swimming lessons for children at risk of Lod…

While we were organising these projects, something magical happened. In the personal lives of all three of us, we’re all frequently invited to birthdays, weddings, dinners… And during this post-Covid period, classic gifts like a bottle of wine or scented candles didn’t seem appropriate. Quite naturally, we decided to offer not ordinary gifts but donations for one of the ongoing SMILE projects instead. And that’s where the magic happened. Our friends were deeply touched and even started to ask us to prepare SMILE gifts they could give to their friends. Gradually, the orders for SMILE presents piled up. We were holding something! We had actually managed to integrate the act of doing good into the gifts we gave. The name talks about itself: The SMILE gift! A gift that combines the best of both worlds: gifting and doing good!

This is how the idea of ​​creating the 1st social impact gift platform was born.

Send us a message and we’d love to build a personalized donation cause with you. 

Any charity we partner with has been carefully checked out to ensure that your donations go exactly where they’re supposed to.

And remember: it’s always small changes that make a big difference!