Voucher for a Smile Gift

Can’t decide which cause to choose? With the Voucher for a Smile Gift, you decide the amount of the donation you want to give, and let your recipient choose the cause closest to her/his heart on our platform.

Non-profit organization


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Smile connects Israeli society with a variety of philanthropic associations and social initiatives, using a technologic platform that organizes charities and social projects for the benefit of the public with a variety of donation options in order to simplify the donation process and give confidence to donors.

Smile builds partnerships with impactful nonprofit organisations. The charities are carefully selected and Smile is responsible for ensuring that the money donated does reach the selected cause. In the choice of a Smile Gift Voucher, you decide the value of the gift and give the greeting card to a person dear to you who will decides to which cause the money will be donated.


Voucher for a Smile Gift

Price is required and should be more then 0₪