Does the Smile Association make a commission on the Smile Gifts?

No, the Smile Association does not make any commissions. The entire value of the Smile Gift goes straight to our partner projects after deduction of credit card processing fees. However, there is an option to add a tip for Smile before sending your gift.

How do I know the Smile Gift went directly to the project I donated to?

The Smile Association sends each project their total donations, generally on a monthly or quarterly basis, as well as an automated receipt to the donor.

Must I select a project to donate to?

Not necessarily. You can also choose to give a Smile Gift Voucher which enables the gift recipient to select the cause of choice to donate to.

Does all of the money go directly to the selected project?

Yes, all the money you donate goes directly to the project you selected after deduction of credit card processing fees.

Is there any way to know how the project I selected is progressing? Can I get feedback on my donation?

Yes, Smile Association posts regularly update pictures from each project, donations purchased for all projects, and new projects we have partnered with. 

Will I be contacted by a charity after making a Smile gift?

Nope! We are committed to protect the privacy of our users. We assure you that the identity of all who use our platform is kept confidential: we do not rent, sell, or exchange our mailing lists; nor reveal names of purchasers/recipients to the individual charities on our list. Funds are allocated to the charities “anonymously” without passing on any private information or identities.

How are charities selected to be in your platform? 

Our Smile Gift catalogue includes charities that have been selected based on a precise and rigorous process. We check all aspects of the charity: its impact on the ground, the management of its expenses, the quality of its leadership and last but not least its transparency on the use of donations. Our goal is to restore trust between donors and associations. Charities do not pay to be listed. 

Is my Smile Gift Tax deductable?

Unfortunately not yet. Smile is a registered Israeli non-profit organization. We have the ‘Nihul Takin’ but do not have yet the ‘Seif 46’ that we should receive soon. Once we will get it, your purchase will be tax deductible as when you purchase a Smile Gift, you are actually making a charitable donation. 

Can I send a Smile Gift on a future date?

Yes! A Smile Gift may be sent to your recipient on any date you select. A calendar is included in the purchase process, with days and hours, based on Israeli Time. 

Still have questions?

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