A treat for shabbat for a holocaust survivor

Every Thursday, “Yad Valev” volunteers visit Holocaust survivors across Israel and distribute warm meals, basic essentials, and gourmet baskets for Shabbat.

Non-profit organization

NameYad veLev

Registration number580721306



Yad Valev is a non-profit organization for Holocaust survivors. Their goal is to meet the needs of Holocaust survivors in many aspects: distribution of food baskets, minor home repair services, medical emergency assistance, escort services for medical examinations, trips, counseling in various fields, social visits to alleviate loneliness and other comforts to improve their quality of life. The association dedicates itself to the all-encompassing assistance of Holocaust survivors and their well-being.

Gourmet baskets for Sabbath Holocaust survivors

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A gourmet basket for Shabbat for a Holocaust survivor


A gourmet basket for Sabbath for 2 Holocaust survivors