Toiletry kit for a LGBTQ youth in shelter

Beit Dror is a temporary housing LGBTQ Youth Shelter which accompanies, helps, and treats youth.

Non-profit organization

NameBeth Dror - operated by Otot

Registration number580031722



Beth Dror is a temporary home for the LGBTQ youth community that provides basic needs like 3 meals a day, and a place to sleep and shower. The staff of the youth shelter includes counselors and volunteers that accompany the youth in all activities. A regular day includes work, studies, group activities, therapy, free time, and enrichment courses. Beit Dror is meant for teenagers between the ages of 12-18 from the LGBTQ community: lesbians, gays, bi-pan, poly, and transgender youth. However, even if you are not sure what your gender or sexual identity is, you have a place to stay at Beit Dror. The teens who arrive are in a crisis period in their lives and cannot currently live at home, whether they have experienced rejection and disconnection from their family or immediate environment, or need a moment of distance to sort out their thoughts and decide how to proceed in their lives.


Toiletry kits for a LGBTQ youths in shelter

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Toiletry kit for a LGBTQ youth in shelter


Toiletry kits for 2 LGBTQ youths in shelter