Sandwich for a student in need

Nevet provides nutritious breakfast sandwiches for students in-need.

Non-profit organization


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Nevet is a nonprofit organization dedicated to opening up educational opportunities for children and teenagers from weaker populations by providing them with food security. Nevet’s overarching goal is to enable children suffering from food insecurity to make the most out of the school framework by providing for their nutritional needs.  Nevet believes that education is the essential path to the creation of a socially mobile society, in which each individual has the opportunity to prove themselves and fulfill their potential.  In order for the school to fulfil its educational role and enable equal opportunities to each girl and boy in the State of Israel, the most basic needs of these children must be met, effectively and immediately. To achieve this goal, Nevet, the largest food-security organization in Israel, launched the “Sandwich for Each Child” initiative, which today provides some 11,000 children in 250 schools across the country with a fresh, healthy sandwich each day.  The sandwiches are made every morning in each of the schools and distributed directly to the children who need them.


Sandwiches for students in need

Price is required and should be more then 0₪

One month of daily sandwich for a student in need


2 months of daily sandwich for a student in need