Relief aid card for evacuees

In response to the recent terror attacks in Israel, we've partnered with BUYME, Israel's premier digital prepaid cards, to provide prepaid cards to survivors. This project offers immediate assistance with dignity, granting survivors the freedom to choose essential items as they begin rebuilding their lives.

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The horrific terror attacks that reached Israel’s South on Saturday, October 7th left survivors spread across Israel in temporary housing solutions, with no access to personal items or access to financial resources.
To help them navigate this unimaginable reality, we’re launching a project in partnership with BUYME, Israel’s leading digital gifting platform, to provide digital prepaid cards to survivors of the attacks – giving them the freedom and flexibility to choose what they need most in this time of dire need.

Each family will receive a prepaid card eligible for use at a wide range of stores across Israel. In this period of tragedy, this project offers immediate assistance with dignity – helping survivors access to essentials on their own terms, paving the way for the first steps to stability.

Relief aid card for evacuees

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