Medical Care for a person experiencing homelessness

Street Medicine Tel-Aviv is an innovative program which provide medical care for people experiencing homelessness, where they are. Our team is multidisciplinary and consist of Doctors, Nurses, Social Worker and Med Students.

Non-profit organization


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Street medicine improves the health of people experiencing homelessness, helps build individual programs for rehabilitation, and improves the health of the general public.
After the success in over 80 cities around the world, we are building the Israeli model for street medicine, in Tel Aviv. We provide primary medical care to people experiencing homelessness, wherever they are. We walk around the streets of Tel Aviv with bags containing medical equipment and essential needs, such as water, tea and hygiene products. The innovation of street medicine is that it uses the medical tool in order to create a relationship of trust with a marginalized population and be the bridge that connects them to health services in the community.

Medical Care for a person experiencing homelessness

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Hygiene Kit for a person experiencing homelessness


A personal wound-care kit for 2 persons experiencing homelessness