Life-saving equipment for IDF soldiers

Our troops on the front lines are asking for bulletproof vests and headlamps as they head into war.
Please help us ensure they have all they need as they risk everything to protect the Jewish homeland. We’re working in real time with IDF units to understand their needs and fulfill them ASAP.

What you can do:
A donation of $XXX covers 1 vest, and $XXX covers 1 headlamp. Your donations will help save lives.

Who you’re helping:
Reservists in Unit 551 of Maglan, a special forces unit that operates behind enemy lines. Thousands of reservists have been called up across Israel, and many are going into active combat in the most dangerous areas. They’re ready to defend the land of Israel—let’s make sure they get the supplies necessary to do so.

Non-profit organization

NameBait Cham Lekol Chayal

Registration number580520351



A Warm Home for Every Soldier is a Nonprofit Organization which was founded to support lone soldiers and soldiers with no families to support them, with all their needs, in order to help them complete their military service successfully.
The organization provides adopting families for lone soldiers, assists in times of injury or illness, provides financial aid with missing necessary equipment, assistance with debts, helping families of combat soldiers, assisting discharged soldiers and soldiers who suffer from PTSD.


Support for the soldiers

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