Empowering people on the autistic spectrum through professional sport

Eitan - Everybody can is a social organization that empowers and promotes people with special needs (special abilities!) through professional fitness training.

Non-profit organization

NameEitan Everybody can

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Eitan – Everyone Can is a social initiative established in 2015 with the aim of promoting the inclusion of people with special needs in fitness and sports training. The initiative is based on a therapeutic empowerment process through professional fitness training in a variety of fields and individually tailored to each trainee. “Eitan” was founded with the aim of empowering and promoting people with special needs, breaking the glass ceiling for them and their families and creating a change in attitudes and equal opportunities towards people with special needs in Israeli society.
Today, “Eitan” has hundreds of trainees with special needs, from the age of 5 onwards, all over the country, most of them on the autistic spectrum at different levels of functioning.


Personal training sessions for people on the autistic spectrum

Price is required and should be more then 0₪

Personal training session for a person on the autistic spectrum


2 personal training sessions for a person on the autistic spectrum