Empowering olim youth through sport

"The Children of Tomorrow" is a project dedicated to empowering and providing guidance to olim and at-risk youth, through sports and mentorship in a "big brother" style.

Non-profit organization

NameChildren of Tomorrow

Registration number580201325



Established approximately six years ago, this program is an initiative led by students from Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Managed solely by the students, it operates in collaboration with the university’s social engagement department, the Rothschild Foundation, the Shachak Program, the HESEG Foundation, the Beit Haole association, the municipal integration department, Kivunim and private donors. Presently, the program engages around thirty girls and boys in grades 7-10, forming four distinct sports teams: climbing, studio, advanced tennis, and beginner tennis. Every participant in the program receives a valuable opportunity to excel in their chosen sport. This includes two weekly training sessions, access to sports facilities, professional trainers, transportation, and all necessary equipment, all provided free of charge. The student organizers utilize the training sessions as a platform to connect with the participants, offering guidance on integrating into Israeli society and providing support with their daily challenges.

Sport sessions for ole/a at-risk youth

Price is required and should be more then 0₪

One month of sport sessions for ole/a at-risk youth


2 months of sport sessions for ole/a at-risk youth