Transforming Lives: Hillel Scholarships for Ex-Ultra-Orthodox in Israel

Hillel flagship scholarships program offers vital education opportunities for the successful integration of ex-ultra-Orthodox into Israeli society. Recipients receive up to 80% tuition coverage alongside comprehensive occupational guidance, emotional counseling, housing support, and social activities. Join us in shaping a brighter future through education and empowerment.

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Thousands of young Israelis make the brave choice to leave insular religious communities each year. Commonly called Yotzim (Those Who Leave), they go out alone into a world that they do not know, and in doing so face excommunication by family and friends, isolation, financial hardship and housing insecurity. They are determined to integrate fully into mainstream Israeli society, but need support to overcome practical and emotional obstacles, and to succeed in a truly foreign social and cultural reality.

Hillel is the only organization providing comprehensive support for the community of Yotzim in Israel. They are blazing a new path. Hillel makes sure that they are not alone.

Our dedicated staff and volunteers provide full assistance during the critical initial 3-5 year transition period, and individualized support towards long-term goals. Hillel Centers nationwide offer: Hotline and drop-in services, counseling and treatment, transitional housing, housing subsidies, education and employment guidance, tuition-aid scholarships, free legal-aid, emergency shelter services, services for those serving in the military or national service, and services for single-parents and children.

Just as important as the services that we deliver, is the community that we nurture, offering Yotzim safe space and a supportive ‘family’ of peers as they explore options, navigate new identities, strive for autonomy, and create fulfilling lives of their own choosing.


Tuition scholarships for Ex-ultra-orthodox youth

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One month scholarships for an Ex-ultra-orthodox youth


One semester scholarships for an Ex-ultra-orthodox youth