Birthday party for a special needs child

A child with special needs is provided the opportunity to celebrate a happy birthday with their families thanks to volunteers of Notnim.

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“Notnim: Joy for the Child, Peace for the Family” has established a volunteer network who help families with children with special needs during after-school hours (afternoons, weekends, holidays and vacations). On birthdays, the volunteer team comes to the home of the child and celebrates together in a joyous party. The party includes posters, balloons, art and game activities, cake decorating, surprises, goody bags, pizza, music, a birthday crown of course, and most of all, a big and loving heart.

The goal is to give the siblings of the child in need the opportunity to also enjoy and spend time with their brother or sister’s uniqueness. This allows the whole family to celebrate together in the warm home setting and enjoy activities, gifts, sweets and a variety of experiences they receive throughout the year.

Birthday celebrations for children with special needs

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A birthday celebration for a child with special needs


A birthday celebration for 2 children with special need