A Bar-Mitzvah for an at-risk youth

Kav Hachesed helps hundreds of youth and families in need throughout Israel celebrate their bar-mitzvah

Non-profit organization

NameKav Hakhessed

Registration number580294338



Kav HaChesed is an organization that helps families in need by distributing food, clothing, and supplies to students. Also, twice a year, a group Bar Mivtzah celebration is organized for children in need from all over Israel. This includes gifting the children tefilin, prayer shawls, tassels, and sponsoring a celebratory meal and party in the Western Wall hall.


Prayer Shawls for at-risk youths

Price is required and should be more then 0₪

Prayer shawl for 1 at-risk youth’s Bar Mitzvah


Prayer shawls for 2 at-risk youths’ Bar Mitzvahs